FRESH AIR NEW YORK consists of Oxygen-producing plants in hermetically sealed glass cubicles with hygienic, 2-way breathing systems, allowing participants to exchange CO2 with Oxygen from plants, creating pure and sustainable Fresh Air! FRESH AIR NEW YORK is a dynamic, interactive, mobile Public Art event and a living monument / icon in-progress


Purpose of the CLUB is to reach the overall project objective to create a living art monument and permanent icon for New York City and its 5 boroughs.

FRESH AIR NEW YORK invites collaborators, partners and sponsors, everywhere, to initiate this breath taking-making art/ecology/media event by becoming BREATH CLUB MEMBERS.

With your membership engagement, BREATH CLUB will interact with 50,000 New Yorkers through the first two FRESH AIR NEW YORK breathing stations on the streets. While the stations offer pure, sustainable fresh air, social engagement and creative intervention to participants in New York, 50 Million+ people will learn about it through TV, Radio and Print News, Social Media, Internet and other interactive media.

After two months, BREATH CLUB MEMBERS will have succeeded in engaging individuals, groups, institutions, like-minded projects, the media, sponsors and partners in FRESH AIR NEW YORK and we will then propose FRESH AIR NEW YORK as an on-going icon to the Mayor of New York.


  • 0 Degree of Separation Member ~ $10 and up
  • Sustainable Breathing Member ~ $100 and up
  • Icon Founding Member ~ $500

Here’s How $50,000 Will Reach The Goal:

~ towards that goal FRESH AIR NEW YORK will offer 50,000 people a breath of sustainable, pure, fresh air for 50 days on the streets and in the parks of New York City, creating an inter-active experience, Broadcast News and Viral Internet Movement!

Here’s how we do it:

Two Breathing Stations:

  • Vehicles $15k each
  • 8 Plantings /each -over 2 months $3,200
  • Breathing Equipment $600 previously sponsored
  • Surgical Masks $1000
  • 4 "Uniforms" Costumes $120
  • 2 Digital Tablets Interactive $800
  • Plants...$?? $20,000

Off-Station Interactivity:

  • Website/FRESH AIR NEW YORK T-Shirts and Collectables
  • Social Media Set-up & Maintenance Investment
  • PR:
  • PR materials
  • Printed
  • Other Hard-Copy-Media (DvDs, USB Drives, business cards, etc.)
  • Reproduction of media


  • Office- rent $500 /month - 4 months $2000
  • expendables 100
  • electric 80
  • phone/internet 200
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Telecommunication 1000
  • Support Transportation 500
  • Upkeep of
  • vehicles
  • uniforms

Staff Salaries & Contractors:

  • Direction 1,000 p/week part time 10 weeks/ $10,000
  • Management 1000 p/week part time 10 weeks/ $10,000
  • Assistants $500 p/week / $5000
  • Design Contractors/Web, etc
  • Planters
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50,000 breaths, with video, TV, print and other media coverage reaching 50,000,000 people worldwide impacted by the FRESH AIR interactive icon.


FRESH AIR NEW YORK is a re-activation / adaptation of the 1990-1995 FRESH AIR International Tour, interacting with 200,000 participants in Europe and America.

FRESH AIR was active on city streets in America and Europe, at Art Basel, with Littmann Gallery 1990, exhibited at KunstMuseum, Bern, 1991, toured in 4 countries and in 4 languages. It was adapted to American pick-up trucks, huge farm trailers, Swiss postal wagons, more.

FRESH AIR International Tour was reported widely including in-flight entertainment for Lufthansa Airlines and in TV news, print and radio around the world.

FRESH AIR was reported by NBC TV Spring of 1990 when it appeared at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. Connie Collins, the producer of the program, created an art/news type of show.

NBC's "art-play" or “news inspired by art" for the program about FRESH AIR occurred in NBC's ‘Making A Difference’ program. The on-camera anchor, as you will see in the link, starts by saying, "the artist thinks you should participate, not only appreciate the art."

FRESH AIR project’s goal to re-focus the news to inspiring content succeeded to reach millions of viewers, worldwide, from 1990-1995, through countless TV news reports, in-flight airline entertainment, radio and print formats.